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Clothing Trims – Customizable Clothing Buttons Material: Decide on the material of the button, this could be plastic, metal, wood, or even fabric-covered. The material should be chosen keeping in mind the overall design and use of the garment or product.

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Button Manufacture – Bulk Button Supplier Online

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Custom Buttons For Clothing, Shape and Size: Buttons can be round, square, or even novelty shapes. The size of the button also plays a key role in its functionality and the overall aesthetics of the design.

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Impeccable production standards and thorough quality control processes for clothing buttons, metal buttons, hook & loop fasteners, plastic resin buttons and snap & button products.

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Breathtaking buttons design for apparel & accessories!

Color: The color of the button should complement the design of the garment or accessory. It could either blend in or stand out as a contrasting element.

Function: Consider whether the button is purely decorative or if it has a functional role, such as fastening a garment or accessory. This will influence its design.

Buttonsface.com seems to be a China-based manufacturer specializing in fashion and modern buttons. It offers a wide variety of buttons, and as per your description, it also provides custom-made designs.

Design Your Button: If you want to create a custom design, prepare your design in advance. You can use graphic design software to create a digital version of your design.

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Breathtaking design for home living.

We have extensive manufacture of premium buttons & trimmings; accessories in apparel available for customers’ order, including metal snap buttons, pearl snap buttons, rivets, eyelets, cord lock stopper & coconut buttons and more. We strive to provide the top quality of buttons buttons; value service to all of our customers.

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Solves the most complex bulk buttons and trims challenges.

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Available Buttons: Resin Buttons, Jeans buttons, rivet burrs, snap caps & various other bulk buttons. Eco-friendly Snaps.

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High Quality Custom Customized Metal Buttons & Jeans Buttons

Innovation & Knowledge

Bulk Buttons – Factory Direct Price

We are offering a wide variety of snap buttons and engaging in innovative practices as a manufacturer in China.

Factory Direct Price: By selling directly from the factory, we can offer competitive prices by eliminating the costs of middlemen. This can be a significant advantage for customers looking for cost-effective solutions.

Wide Variety: Emphasize the range of snap buttons we offer. Different materials, styles, sizes, and colors can all appeal to different customers, increasing the appeal of our product range.

Custom Designs: Custom design services, highlight this. Many customers appreciate the ability to create unique, personalized buttons.

  • Quality Assurance: Assure customers of the quality of our products. Bulk buttons type design and production,

  • Fast Delivery: Bulk buttons production and delivery, we offer fast shipping options. Quick turnaround times are often important for businesses.

  • Excellent Customer Service:Good communication and customer service, fast response times.

  • Innovation and Knowledge: Bulk buttons color, material & sales, Innovative practices or technologies for manufacturing process. Advanced machinery, sustainable practices, and novel design techniques.

Buttonsface.com | Bulk Buttons Design | Infinite Value Creation

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Best selection of bulk production buttons, snap buttons and apparel trims. Let us earn your business with our export buttons supplier service and low prices.

Trims, Accessories, Apparel, Cord End, Cord Lock Stopper, Metal Snap Buttons, Pearl Snap Buttons, Jeans Buttons, Shell Buttons, Coconut Buttons, Rivets, Clothing Eyelets Manufacturer.

Before the bulk making, must approval the buttons type, quality color, and size to meet all requirement, in that case any losses can be avoided. Buttonsface.com control the large bulk buttons in the production process quality issues. Follow up the orders, keep in touch with customer to make sure the product can be shipping on time.


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Buttons come in a variety of types, materials, and designs, each suited to different applications.

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Explore The All-New Buttons Series – Our Items Are Diverse: There are many styles of decorative buttons and accessories that can be used to make clothing and your garments. We stand behind the quality of our bulk order buttons and trims. Explore all of our world-class warranties for metal snap buttons, pearl snap buttons, rivets, eyelets & more.

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China Official Site | Redefining Luxury Fashion. Buy Eco-Friendly Snap & Button Today!

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Shop New Arrivals on buttonsface.com. Other than buying our stock button, we can make your own design also.

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We produce the high quality and fashionable designs for local tailor suit companies


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