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We have extensive manufacture of premium buttons & trimmings; accessories in apparel available for customers’ order, including metal snap buttons, pearl snap buttons, rivets, eyelets, cord lock stopper & coconut buttons and more. We strive to provide the top quality of buttons buttons; value service to all of our customers.

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Best selection of bulk production buttons, snap buttons and apparel trims. Let us earn your business with our export buttons supplier service and low prices.

Trims, Accessories, Apparel, Cord End, Cord Lock Stopper, Metal Snap Buttons, Pearl Snap Buttons, Jeans Buttons, Shell Buttons, Coconut Buttons, Rivets, Clothing Eyelets Manufacturer.

Before the bulk making, must approval the buttons type, quality color, and size to meet all requirement, in that case any losses can be avoided. Buttonsface.com control the large bulk buttons in the production process quality issues. Follow up the orders, keep in touch with customer to make sure the product can be shipping on time.

Bulk buttons type design and production
Bulk buttons production and delivery
Bulk buttons mould & installation
Bulk buttons color, material & sales


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We stand behind the quality of our bulk order buttons and trims. Explore all of our world-class warranties for metal snap buttons, pearl snap buttons, rivets, eyelets & more.