Denim Color

Denim (English: denim) is a color in the blue family, named for its similarity to the color of denim used to make jeans. This color is one of the official colors of Crayola crayons.

The difference between Denim and navy blue

Denim Color is a color brighter than pigment indigo but darker than screen indigo. Indigo is in between blue and purple. The warp yarn dyed with pure cotton indigo and the weft yarn of this color. It is a color in the blue family and is named after the Denim Color cloth that is similar in color to the one used for jeans. And dark blue is also popular recently, it is dyed black after the denim warp yarn is dyed blue, and after washing the black peels off to make a dark blue effect

Origin of Denim Color: Denim, also known as denim, is also known as Denim in English. According to 500 years ago, when Columbus discovered the New World, this tough, practical and rough fabric appeared and was mainly used for making sails. The cloth was originally produced in Nimes, a small town in France, hence the name “Serge De Nimes” in French. When this damask fabric was first introduced to England, English merchants had difficulty pronouncing the French word “Serge De Nimes,” so Denim, short for denim, is sometimes anglicized as Denim. class, religion, nationality, etc., what is a fashion product that is still loved by people? It is quiet, commoner in origin and full of affinity; it can be found in the closets of aristocrats and celebrities; it is not expensive, but it has set off a fashion craze all over the world. A kind of denim clothing made of denim, known as denim or denim, the first and most typical feature that appeared was of course the jeans ( Jeans ).

Dark blue is a darker color in the blue family, this blue is close to black, giving a clean and elegant solitary feeling. For example, the navy dark blue, blue profound, giving a rational and accurate impression, is also used in business design to emphasize the importance of technology. Dark blue is not only in the field of science and technology, but also widely put into the clothing market. With the development of social economy, dark blue clothes also gradually become a popular color. In addition, dark blue has a white premium feel, and many consumers like to fit into this color of clothes.

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A color more pure than white is the deep and light denim blue, which is pure, refreshing and smells of summer. It is sky blue.

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JEAN and DENIM actually refer to one kind of fabric, JEAN is named because of the Italian tailor, while DENIM is derived from the French word SERGE DE NIMES.
In denim, the first to appear is of course jeans (Jeans).

Who was the first scissor who made jeans out of twill denim? The earliest record of “Jeans” is in 1567. There was a port in northern Italy called Genoa, and the foreign merchants of the time called the sailors working in the port “Genoese”. These sailors liked to wear work pants made of a rough and sturdy fabric produced locally, called “Genoese” or “Genes”, which has a similar pronunciation to “Jeans It has a similar pronunciation to “Jeans”.

Whether this origin is true and credible, and whether the Denim of that time is the denim of this time, it is difficult to confirm in the 21st century. But one thing should be certain, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Europe, there was already a twill fabric. And the modern denim is precisely the fabric of twill.

Denim (Denim) means coarse twill cotton, but has gone far beyond the name of a fabric. Denim clothing and accessories made from denim have grown up with movie stars, the younger generation, and fashion designers, and have never left the fashion scene. Denim is the oldest fabric, and because of denim, it is the fabric that is always young and never goes out of style.

Why is blue the most common color for jeans?

Saying “blue jeans” sounds almost redundant: after all, most jeans are blue. It’s hard to find jeans in any other color.

So why is the most popular color of jeans blue? What happened in the fashion world that made them all collectively decide that blue is the color of choice for jeans? Why is blue the most common color for jeans?

So, why the blue dye? Blue was chosen as the color of jeans because of the chemical properties of blue dye. Most dyes penetrate the fabric at high temperatures, causing the color to stick together; but blue dye does the exact opposite! It only sticks to the outside of the fabric. It only sticks to the outside of the thread and does not penetrate the fabric at all.

When this type of dye is washed, it loses its color and threads: the more denim is washed, the softer it becomes. When washed enough, much of the color disappears and the fabric becomes softer, achieving that “dented”, worn look we love so much about jeans.

When workers heard that there was a fabric strong enough to handle hard work, but that it would become softer after washing without becoming brittle, they began to prefer jeans to duckweed pants, and that’s how jeans became a staple of not only American, but international fashion.