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Custom Buttons For Clothing.

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Types of Snap & Button: impeccable production standards and thorough quality control processes for clothing buttons, metal buttons, hook & loop fasteners, plastic resin buttons and snap & button products.

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  • Coat Buttons

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  • Shirt Buttons

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Continuously set industry standards for quality, service, value and innovation in the production of bulk buttons products such as snap buttons, metal buttons, clothing buttons.

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Solves the most complex bulk buttons and trims challenges.

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Available Buttons: Resin Buttons, Jeans buttons, rivet burrs, snap caps & various other bulk buttons. Eco-friendly Snaps.

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High Quality Custom Customized Metal Buttons & Jeans Buttons

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Official International Website: Buttonsface.Com, Accessories – Snap Buttons / Resin Buttons / Jeans Buttons… The New Collection Pursues The Highest Quality And Thorough Attention To Detail. Fast Delivery & Freight Forwarder. Made In China.

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Official International Website: International Website – Explore The Metal Buttons, Snap Buttons , Discover Our Clothing Buttons For Women And Men Collections.

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