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Developing a better buttons to samplesbulk

We have several buttons designers, pattern designers. Welcome merchants both domestic and overseas to place bulk buttons orders with supplied designs and samples.

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Customized Buttons, Make it Unique.

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Purchasing Buttons

Whether you’re looking for buttons, advance equipment, a professional designer, a version of the division.

Environmental Sustainability

Whether you’re looking for safe material and eco-friendly buttons, get a free quote from us.

It’s Not Just A Buttons

High Performance Buttons, Quality Management, Support for Brand Protection Activities.


Make your buttons unique and different

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and fashion bulk buttons from China.

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Make your space useful and different

Experience of over 10 years of successful projects on creating unique and modern interior designs all over the world.

New Interior Design Trends

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About Us

Trims solutions that enhance your quality of buttons

One-stop-shop website: buttonsface.com for bulk buttons and trims.

How it works

It’s Not Just A Buttons

Trims, Accessories, Apparel, Cord End, Metal Snap Buttons, Pearl Snap Buttons, Jeans Buttons, Shell Buttons, Coconut Buttons, Rivets, Clothing Eyelets, Manufacturer.

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Buttons Project.


Good Design Award.New experience.

3,300 kWh

Environment-friendly Finish.

* By switching from the buttons electrical plating process, we are able to save about 3,300 kWh(*) per 1,000kg of our bulk buttons products. *3,300 kWh = Average electricity consumption per family for 20 days.

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“Custom bulk buttons items at manufacturer costs, committed to providing best services for our customers.”

Type of Snaps & Buttons, Made in china

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Blog Posts to Enhance the Order Buttons Experience

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