4 Holes Metal Buttons

Metal snap buttons are available in a range of sizes, for example, size 13mm / 15mm or 18mm diameter, and in a variety of designs and metal color finishes, sliver color, brass color, antique brass.


4 Holes Metal Buttons

Check out our 4 hole metal buttons selection for the very best in price or custom, sliver buttons from China.

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We provide a large number of children’s four-hole buttons, shirt four-hole buttons, suit four-hole buttons, coat four-hole buttons, etc., rich colors, complete specifications, all can be customized. Baby harmless, international quality control standards, quality-assured, so that your clothes wear at ease, look comfortable. We have thousands of four-hole buttons, including electroplated four-hole buttons, spray four-hole buttons, drip rubber four-hole buttons, copper four-hole buttons, etc., which can also be customized online.
Chinese Name:
Hole button, two-hole button, four-hole button

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Buttons Size

24L, 32L, Large, Small


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