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It seems like you’re interested in custom metal snap buttons, particularly in antique brass finish. Antique brass snaps provide a vintage or rustic look, making them a great choice for a wide variety of garments.

Based on the sizes WE provided (16L, 19L, 24L, 27L, 30L, 34L), it looks like WE offer a versatile range that can cater to a wide variety of garments, from delicate blouses to heavy coats. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, the ‘L’ stands for ligne, a traditional unit of measurement for buttons where 1L equals 0.635mm.

  1. Custom Metal Snap Buttons: We offer custom-made metal snap buttons, allowing customers to have buttons that fit their specific needs and preferences.
  2. Antique Brass Snaps: We offer buttons with an antique brass finish, which can add a vintage or rustic look to a garment.
  3. Rich Trims Experience: With extensive experience in the industry, We can provide customers with expert advice and high-quality products.
  4. Favorable Price: Our buttons are offered at competitive prices.
  5. Just-in-Time Delivery: We offer timely delivery, ensuring that customers receive their orders when they need them.
  6. Sustainability: We focus on creating eco-friendly buttons, contributing to the sustainability of the fashion industry.
  7. Unique Button Creation: Customers can explore different colors and shapes to create their own unique buttons.
  8. View Collections: We offer various collections for customers to view and choose from.
  9. Antique Brass Metal Snap Fasteners: These are available in regular sizes as per the specifications provided.

Remember, when ordering custom buttons, it’s important to provide clear specifications for the manufacturer, including the size, design, color, finish, and quantity you require.

Button Snaps is one of the common buttons, commonly known as 831Button Snaps, Round Metal Rush Buttons, 201 Quadruple Snap Buttons, Copper Button Snaps, Alloy Faced Button Snaps, Wallet Button Snaps, High-Grade Metal Button Snaps, Down Button Snaps, Jacket Lift Button, Shirt Button Jacket Button, 486# Button Snaps, Rush Button, Snap Button, Car Canopy Button. Named because it usually consists of four parts, it is widely used on coats, down jackets, shirts, overalls, cotton coats, jackets, and wallets. Its simple, convenient and fashionable performance is recognized by the majority of garment manufacturers, and many manufacturers have their own customization needs, so the specifications have become diversified, and the patterns and styles have become more random and personalized.

Chinese name:
831Button Snaps, round metal push button, 201 four buttons, copper Button Snaps, alloy surface Button Snaps, wallet buttons snap, high-grade metal Button Snaps, down jacket buttons, jacket snap buttons, shirt buttons

Definition of Button Snaps:
Button Snaps is a kind of button, commonly known as a button, spring button, or sewing button. button Snaps rely on an S-type spring combination, from top to bottom is divided into four parts ABCD: AB pieces called the mother button, the wide edge can be engraved pattern, the middle of a hole, the side of two parallel springs; CD pieces called the male button, the middle of a prominent dot, dot pressed into the hole of the mother button by the spring clamping The CD piece is called a male snap buttons, with a dot protruding from the middle, the dot is pressed into the hole of the female snap buttons and then clamped by the spring to produce the opening and closing force to fix the clothes.

Product classification:
According to the style, Button Snaps are generally divided into large buttons, bulk buttons, snap buttons, plastic Button Snaps, plastic surface Button Snaps, Button Snaps with diamonds, etc. According to the button surface, Button Snaps are generally divided into glossy Button Snaps, flower Button Snaps, Button Snaps with diamonds, fisheye snaps, etc.. According to the material, Button Snaps are generally divided into.
Metal Button Snaps
Metal snap buttons bulk buttons
Resin Button Snaps
(also known as plastic Button Snaps), plastic surface Button Snaps, etc.. But if there is no special instructions, only Button Snaps, then generally refers to the metal Button Snaps.

Application range:
Knitwear, trench coats, backpacks, down jackets, cotton coats, hats, jackets, tweed coats, shirts

Installation method:
Install the Button Snaps on the hand brewer with the special mold.

Material and process:
Metal Button Snaps, resin Button Snaps (also called plastic Button Snaps), plastic surface Button Snaps, etc.

High-quality buttons and snaps that offer a good price-performance ratio are a great choice for both clothing manufacturers and hobbyist tailors. This means that the buttons are made from high-quality materials and constructed to last, but are also priced reasonably and offer good value for the money.

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Buttons Size

24L, 32L, Large, Small

types of clothing buttons

Metal Buttons, Custom Snaps, Jean Buttons, Resin Buttons


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