Custom Metal Snaps

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Custom Metal Snaps for a down coat, snap buttons supplier

Four buttons is a kind of button, commonly known as a press button, spring button, sewing button. Four buckles by S-type spring combination, from top to bottom is divided into four parts ABCD: AB pieces called the mother button, the wide edge can be engraved pattern, the middle of a hole, the side of two parallel springs; CD pieces called the male buckle, the middle protrudes a dot, the dot pressed into the hole of the mother button after the spring clamping, resulting in the opening and closing force, fixed clothing.

Snap Buttons Color

Metal Buttons

The common colors of metal buttons are silver, gold, light nickel, brass, and other colors, and the materials are copper, silver, gold-plated, alloy, and other materials. Mostly used for denim shirts, denim jackets, jeans, and other clothing.

Metal buttons are mostly electroplating process, buy clothes with metal buttons, should look at the surface of the plating process is uniform, whether the color is bright.


Matt nickel

Light Pewter

Dark Pewter

Matt light pewter

Matt dark pewter

Down coat snap buttons

Down coat (down coat) is a top filled with down filler and has a huge round shape. The down coat is generally more than half of the amount of duck down and can be mixed with some small feathers, the duck down will be cleaned, disinfected by high temperature, and then filled in the clothes is the down coat. The down jacket has the best warmth. Mostly worn by people in cold regions, but also for polar expedition personnel commonly used.

Button dealer18

Application of snap buttons, Metal Buttons for Clothing

The use is quite wide, all kinds of clothing, bags, handbags, shoes, hats, packaging, etc.


Additional information

Buttons Size

24L, 32L, Large, Small

types of clothing buttons

Metal Buttons, Custom Snaps, Jean Buttons, Resin Buttons


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