Cylinder Mask Stopper White Color

Cylinder Mask Stopper White Color


Elastic cord stopper.

  • Sustainable Resources – Cylinder Mask Stopper White Color.
  • Fair Trade – Elastic cord adjusters.
  • Quality Guaranteed – Safe Material, cord stoppers for drawstrings.
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Product Feature

Make your elastic cord stopper useful & different

Elastic cord stopper toggles, cord adjuster silicone.Adjuster stopper for elastic loop perfect to use as accessories for face masks. Plastic (PVC) elastic loop maker help you to adjust the length of the ear loop of your face mask.
Color: White, Black Stoppers
Material : Soft Plastic (PVC)
Cylindrical shape
Flat Round Stopper: Safe Material, Export High Quantity

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Angela Breid

What is elastic cord stoppers & adjuster?
Elastic cord adjuster perfectly designed to loosen and tighten the size of the face mask (eg: face mask elastic loop or other cord lock stopper). Cord stopper mask adjuster specially ideal as face masks ear loop adjuster. It is simple to use and made from plastic soft. And mask stoppers available in Black or White colors.


Joseph Kent, New York

Comfortable, designed completed reliably from manufacturing to finish.

Ceramic materials

Choose the mask stopper shape and cord lock stopper that you need for your projects.

Design and development of mask stoppers.
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Quality design made simple

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Elastic cord stoppers toggle, cord adjuster toggle is perfect for specially as Face Masks elastic adjuster that you need.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 16 × 32 × 48 cm