Mask Stopper

Mask Stopper


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Make your mask stoppers toggles useful & different

Despite COVID-19 Challenges, Mask Stoppers Sourcing Pushes Forward. The mask stoppers came quickly , size fit, The mask stoppers are also of a good quality .

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Angela Breid

Reliable & safe
producer and supplier for mask stoppers.”

Designer,  Face Mask Stopper

Comfotable designed for face mask stopper completed reliably from shipment for your delivery.

Ceramic materials

Easy to import stopper from china to anywhere.

Design and development of mask stopper.
Expert on mask stopper
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Mask Stoppers Quality design made simple

We have rich experience for mask cord lock stoppers.

  • Creating your space

  • Design with distinction

  • Aesthetic Interior

Personalized masks have become more popular in recent years and more popular than ever. These comfortable, fashion masks are soft, new design and comfortable to wear. They must not be used if you wear a mask that feels oppressive. The size of the mask stoppers can be adjusted according to the shape of the face. Every face size is different. For kids, men and women, the mask adjuster design is added to adjust the size of the mask, allowing you to breathe more freely. (Please continue our mask buckle style before purchasing), made of high-quality mask stoppers, safety material of mask stopper, which means they are making you breathe easily. The elastic elastic cord lock stopper ensures that the mask is fastened to the ear. Start ordering your own mask buckle now. Mask stopper can be cleaned, reusable, easy to maintain.

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Weight 0.0025 kg
Dimensions 37 × 33 × 22 cm


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