Plastic Clothing Buttons

Plastic Clothing Buttons


With our stylish plastic buttons & accessories!

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Product Feature

Make your clothing buttons textured & different

Size Chart
“L” stands for ligne, the traditional unit of measure for measuring buttons.

Ligne mm inches
10L 7mm 1/4″
12L 8mm 5/16″
14L 9mm 3/8″
16L 10mm 3/8″
18L 11mm 7/16″
20L 12mm 1/2″
22L 14mm 9/16″
24L 15mm 5/8″
26L 16mm 5/8″
28L 18mm 11/16″
30L 19mm 3/4″
32L 20mm 13/16″
34L 21mm 7/8″
36L 23mm 15/16″
38L 24mm 15/16″
40L 25mm 1″
48L 30mm 1 3/16″
50L 32mm 1 1/4″
54L 34mm 1 3/8″
60L 38mm 1 1/2″
80L 51mm 2″

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Buy plastic buttons on from size 12L~60L.

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  • Aesthetic Interior

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 16 × 32 × 48 cm


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