Plastic Cord Locks

Plastic Cord Locks


Cord Locks: Plastic Fasteners, Toggles, Stoppers – Wholesalers.

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Product Feature

Make your plastic cord locks & buckles useful & different

We supply plastic cord locksplastic locks and cord lock stopper fasteners with manufacturer factory direct wholesale low price.

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Angela Breid


Joseph Kent, New York

Beautiful, plastic cord locks -designed for clothing completed reliably fromdesign to bulk production.

Ceramic materials

Beautiful, plastic cord locks -designed for clothing completed reliably from design to bulk production.

Design and development of Plastic Cord Locks & Buckles
Cord Locks in material plastic, or metal alloy.

High Quality Plastic Cord Locks & Buckles Design Made Simple

Drawstring toggle, plastic cord locks factories from China, wholesale cord toggle for clothing.

  • Creating your buttons, stopper, cord locks

  • Design with distinction

  • Buttons Trends, Cord Locks Application

There are various types of plastic toggles, plastic cord locks, buckles, stopper.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 16 × 32 × 48 cm


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