Resin Buttons

Resin Buttons


Polyester resin buttons, more pro-environmentally, safe, and its cost performance is better than metal buttons.

Fashion Resin Buttons • Plastic Buttons • Clothing Buttons • 2 holes • 4 holes Polymers Buttons

  • Sustainable Resources – Fashion resin buttons will enhance and compliment your most stylish and trends.
  • Fair Trade – What buttons & accessories you really need?Contact Us Today!
  • Quality Guaranteed – Black, Brown, Navy, Orange Pink, Red, White, other DTM color finish resin buttons.
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Make your resin buttons fashion & different

We diverse portfolio of products ranges from tiny buttons to large Diameters fashion button, available in a wide choice of shapes, sizes, and colors. Our Fashion button series manufactured from a buttons material such as ABS, Polyester, Resin, and plastic, and combinations of mentioned. Buttonsface resin material meets standards and European test requirements.

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Angela Breid


Joseph Kent, New York

Beautiful, color-designed resin buttons completed reliably from start to finish.

Ceramic materials

Clothing and fashion resin buttons design, for coats, skirts, dresses, shirts, t-shirts, blouses & sweaters.

Design and development of buttons layouts
DTM Fabric For Resin Buttons

Quality design made simple

Create your own resin buttons style and color effect, save cost, let it be unique for garment or accessories, and yet identifiable for clothing.

  • Get all the latest buttons. 2 • 4 holes resin buttons

  • Design match your clothing

  • Buttons For Bulk Production

Buttons online sales: casual clothing buttons, classic buttons, sports clothing buttons, street, trendy.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 16 × 32 × 48 cm


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