Urea Buttons

Urea Buttons


Check out our expensive buttons selection for the very best in unique or custom, for example, urea buttons, shell buttons, horn buttons. Urea buttons, more expensive, high end, Urea is a completely organic material that is very heat-resistant and belongs to the resin material group. It is quite difficult to make urea buttons because the raw material is very expensive.

Urea Eco-Friendly Garment Accessories Buttons for Decoration, White River Urea Shell Buttons For Shirts

Fashion Urea buttons • Plastic Buttons • Clothing Buttons • 4 holes Urea Buttons

Hot Sale Garment 4-Holes Custom Colors Urea Button For Shirt

  • Sustainable Resources – Fashion urea buttons will enhance and compliment your most stylish and trends.
  • Fair Trade – What buttons & accessories you really need? Contact Us Today!
  • Quality Guaranteed – Black, Brown, Navy, Orange Pink, Red, White, other DTM color finish resin buttons.
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Product Feature

Make your urea buttons fashion & different


Urea buttons have excellent colorfastness and are excellent substitutes for horn buttons and coconut materials. Urea is a unique plastic material. Urea Button is an elegant, first-class quality urea button, graceful color

* Urea Buttons: available in many colors, DTM fabric color
* Soft and Romantic.
* This urea buttons is perfect for decoration buttons, for apparel.

Natural Color, White Color Buttons Can be customized


Product details

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Angela Breid


Joseph Kent, New York

Expensive price, color-designed urea buttons completed reliably from start to finish.

Ceramic materials

Clothing and fashion urea buttons design, for shirts.

Design and development of buttons layouts
DTM Fabric For Urea Buttons

Quality design made simple

Create your own urea buttons style and color effect, save cost, let it be unique for garment or accessories, and yet identifiable for clothing.

  • Get all the latest buttons. 4 holes urea buttons

  • Design match your clothing

  • All-in & one-stop accessories and trimmings supplier

Buttons online sales: casual clothing buttons, classic buttons, sports clothing buttons, street, trendy.

Get your simple button

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 16 × 32 × 48 cm


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